Uruk-Warqa, Iraq

Professor Roger Matthews, gives the low-down on Uruk-Warka in Iraq, seemingly the birth-place of writing and appears in the Bible

My old trowel.

Iraq School

The Iraq school is in many ways in even a worse situation than the EES, as they are more reliant on Academy funding: of their total turnover of £100,000, some £60,000 comes from the British Academy: this is to be reduced to £30,000 for the next two years, and will then be cut completely. The […]

Looting of the Iraq Museum Baghdad

A s the recent elections have shown, there are few items more controversial than the war in Iraq. Do we see it as being an unnecessary and aggressive war? Or do we see it as a noble attempt to rid Iraq of a hated tyrant? For archaeologists, the catalyst in this debate is the looting […]


Letter from Baghdad

John Curtis sends a postcard from Baghdad considering heritage work after the Iraq war

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