Issue 29


Aztec Fractions

A study from science magazine has revealed that previously unknown Aztec symbols infact units of land holdings in pre-columbian Mexico


Lasers Paint Roman Column

Using lasers to recreate the original vivid colours, visitors will be able to see Trajans Column as it was when erected in AD 113


Iraq Looting

Five years on from the US occupation of Iraq, archaeologists have been attempting to quantify the scale of the damage to heritage sites


Post-Facist Rome

Neil Faulkner considers the future of Rome’s great Ara Pacis museum


Whaling in Arctic Prehistory

Finds of carved ivory have suggested the methods of boat building and artic hunting of prehistoric Eskimo people from the far east of Russia


Treasures of Southeast Turkey

Nadia Durrani visits the site of Göbekli Tepe, an 11,000 year old site that is so incredible it is changing our view of human history



Richard Hodges writes from Kerkyra, Corfu

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