Brutal Stone Age Massacre

Evidence for the brutal massacre of a hunter-gatherer group is shattering long-held beliefs that pre-farming societies were essentially peaceful. The remains of more than 27 individuals uncovered at Nataruk, 30km west of Lake Turkana in Kenya, include at least eight women – one in the final stages of pregnancy – and six young children. Radiocarbon […]

Cro-Magnon Skull. Photo:Smithsonian Institute

Cro Magnons

What was life like for the Cro-Magnons, Europe’s first anatomically modern humans? Having harnessed the archaeological data, Brian Fagan then gathers us around the literary campfire to imagine life in the Ice Age…


Hominid New Species

New species of hominid have been discovered in South Africa and Siberia, adding to the story of the evolution of modern humans from our early primate ancestors. Potentially the most important for filling in the gaps in our understanding of human ancestry is the near complete skeleton of an adolescent boy, along with the partial […]


Serra Da Capivara

The compelling rock art of north-eastern Brazil explored. But how might it redraft the story of early human migration


World’s Oldest Venus?

35,000 year old venus statue found at Swabian Jura, the earliest example of its kind by some 5,000 years



A snapshot of the Australopithecus afarensis, otherwise known as ‘Lucy’.


Spain, Early People

At the sites of Orce and Cueva Victoria in Spain, the story of the early hominid colonisation of Europe is being rewritten


France, The Grotte de Niaux

Prof. Tim Darvill and Yvette Staelens of Bournemouth University send a missive from the Grotte de Niaux, a cave bursting with Palaeolithic rock-art


The Nature of Palaeolithic Art

Animal bone reports can be dry stuff so it is good to see a spate of interesting books about the complex and always fascinating relations between humans and other animals. Dogs, horses and beavers have all featured in excellent recent publications but my choice is more general, R. Dale Guthrie’s The Nature of Palaeolithic Art. […]

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