Issue 42


The Director’s Diary

Every time I arrive at the British School at Rome, it is somehow different. Old buildings and strong institutions can be like that; they hold up a mirror to us so that whilst they persist, we see our own changes more clearly. The first time I visited I was at Oxford, writing my doctoral thesis […]


Notes from Rome

For Sigmund Freud, the archaeology of the city of Rome was a metaphor for the unconscious mind – a place where no memories or influences are ever lost or forgotten. Recent excavations in the city have made a reality of the psychologist’s flight of fancy. The construction of a new metropolitan rail-line has brought discoveries […]


On our Book shelves

Rome is a city of books. Perhaps the greatest concentration of leading libraries in the world exists here, though refurbishments and closures have made sad inroads into their availability: at present, the great German Archaeological Institute library has reopened part of its collection in new premises and the Vatican Library is due to reopen in […]


The British School at Rome: 100 years

In 1911 a major international exhibition was held in Rome, and the British put up a particularly splendid pavilion designed by Edwin Lutyens and based on Christopher Wren’s designs for the west front of St Paul’s. The result is a triumph: it is difficult in Rome to produce a classical building that is both British […]



We know more about Pompeii than any other Roman town. It is the benchmark, and yet we still have so much to learn…

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