CWA 27

The ‘Red Snake’, or Gorgan Wall, of northern Iran is one of the world’s greatest frontiers.   But who built it? And when?   An international team of archaeologists has been at work and here they finally unravel the secrets — and the date — of the Red Snake. In the Euphrates valley, towns and […]

CWA 25

CWA 25 covers the globe from the blood and gore of the Roman amphitheatre – where a mosaic by the flamboyant Magerius describes his beneficience – to Copper Age cave burials in the Levant. This issue also includes in its travels a visit to the Great Wall of China and two trips to the Caribbean, […]

Celebrating World Archaeology

It is the magazine’s fifth anniversary, so, in celebration, we look back at some of our most memorable reports from across the world

CWA 24

CWA 24 was published in July 2007 and contained articles on the Palaeoindian site of Folsom -North America’s most famous site,  the ancient, pre-Islamic, history of Northern Arabia, the discovery of Europe's oldest modern humans in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains and finally,  a profile of the forthcoming British Museum Chinese Terracotta Army exhibition.     […]

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