Kuk, Papua New Guinea

Research reveals Papua New Guinea was a region where agriculture evolved independently

Earliest Man

160,000 year old human skull discovered in Afar


Albania & Ukraine

Richard Hodges compares the archaeological situations in Albania and the Ukraine


Letter from Baghdad

John Curtis sends a postcard from Baghdad considering heritage work after the Iraq war


Letter from Jerusalem

Kay Prag, the author of the standard Blue Guide to Jerusalem reports on the situation

Complete Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

How many Egyptian gods and goddesses were there? In The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Richard Wilkinson, Professor at the University of Arizona, lists nearly 500 of them, categorised by type. The majority of them are anthropomorphic, divided between male and female. Then come the mammalian deities, followed by the avian (birds), until […]

Man Who Deciphered Linear B

The decipherment of Minoan Linear B by architect Michael Ventris is one of the great dramas of 20th century archaeology. But who was Michael Ventris, and how did he do it? Andrew Robinson, the Literary Editor of the Times Higher Education Supplement, has now written a fascinating biography, The Man who Deciphered Linear B. Michael […]

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