Varus Battle Museum Wins Europa Nostra Award

In early June a glittering European Awards Ceremony was held in Bergen, Norway to celebrate the 2005 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards. The overall winner in the ‘Archaeological Sites’ category is the Varusschlacht im Osnabrücker Land – Museum und Park Kalkriese. The judges chose the German team because of their […]

Nebra Sky Disc

Nebra is proving to be a rich archaeological area with the breaking news of the discovery of a lord and his retainers in a 4,200 year-old burial mound at Nebra in Germany. The newly excavated mound is one of at least eight ‘barrows’, within view of an ancient enclosure explained archaeologist Olaf Schroeder. Government archaeologists […]

Nebra Disk

Questions raised as to the authenticity of the Bronze Age disc

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