Issue 31


Headlice and rats

Headlice and rats: Not a nice subject for discussion in polite company, but the unavoidable truth is that lice have been with us since we humans first walked out of Africa some 100,000 years ago on our journey to populate the globe. That is the conclusion of a study comparing the genomes of head lice […]


Rimini revealed

Nadia Durrani reports on the site of the newly-opened Surgeon’s House in Rimini, north-east Italy



Romanist Neil Faulkner takes us on a tour of the Roman port of Ostia


Review: The Temple Architecture of India

The Temple Architecture of India Adam Hardy Wiley, £45.00 Unlike Mughal art and architecture, Hindu sculpture and architecture were poorly received by scholars in colonial times, with notable exceptions such as E. B. Havell. They still occupy something of an art-historical ghetto. Writers sympathetic to them have suffered from the life-denying metaphysical preoccupations of the […]

The Empire and the Kingdom

Review: The Empire and the Kingdom

Publications with numerous glossy photographs showing the wonders and beauty of the world in which we live are, these days, ten a penny. However, for those interested in something visually compelling, but with a difference, then this title is highly recommended. The photographs reproduced in this book are, as the authors point out, entirely non-commercial […]


Who was Hadrian?

Who was Hadrian? The British Museum’s latest block-buster considers the life of the enigmatic emperor

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