Issue 18


Siraf: Iran

Mark Horton writes from Iran where he explored the site of Siraf

100 Hieroglyphs

Let us learn a few hieroglyphs. Let us start with a straight line. This obviously means ‘land’ because in Egypt all the land that is worth talking about is the flood plain of the Nile, which is more or less dead flat. Let us then add three dots below our straight line: these represent the […]

Review: The Treasure of Rennes-le-Château

In his best selling book The Da Vinci Code, the author Dan Brown says that there are just two facts in the book: the existence of the Opus Dei and of the Priory of Sion. The Opus Dei is real enough, but the Priory of Sion has a less distinguished pedigree. Bill Putnam, who is […]

In Search of Desert Glass

CWA look into the origins of the unique and beautiful yellow-green glass that has been produced in the Egyptian Sahara for thousands of years

A Look at Glass

An exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem features over a hundred examples of ancient glass from across the Classical World

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