Issue 59


Egyptian medicine

To early Orientalists, they were exotic people who used arcane ritual and repulsive medicines; but in Antiquity, Egyptian doctors were regarded as the epitome of medical excellence. Prof. Rosalie David tells CWA how recent investigations are revealing their exceptional pioneering practices.


Tas-Silġ, Malta

For nearly 5,000 years, the sanctuary site at Tas-Silġ lured worshippers to its idyllic island setting overlooking the blue waters of the Mediterranean, evolving and adapting as new religions emerged. Now, 20 years of archaeological research is bringing this long forgotten but once influential religious centre back into the limelight, as David Cardona reveals.


Archaeology as cultural diplomacy

UK, Iraqi, and Iranian archaeologists are uniting for the sake of preserving world heritage. Is this, Roger Matthews asks, a model for future international relationships in areas of conflict? While diplomatic and political relations between the UK and Iran falter, and UK politicians continue to place obstacles – including an isolationist policy of visa issuance […]


CWA 59

Sailors, from the Neolithic to the Byzantine periods, approaching the shores of Malta from the south east could not have failed to notice the temple site of Tas Silġ on the hill above the shoreline. For nearly 5,000 continuous years, visitors flocked to this place of ritual that evolved and adapted to changing religious practices. […]

James Fort APV JR3081

Cannibalism at Jamestown colony

Ongoing excavations at Jamestown, VA, the first permanent English settlement in America, have revealed grisly evidence that within months of establishing the outpost, its desperate inhabitants had resorted to dismembering and eating a child. Contemporary written sources from Jamestown refer to the winter of 1609-1610 as the ‘Starving Time’, a devastating period when around 80% […]

Oetzi the Iceman had bad teeth

New research on the remains of ‘Oetzi’, the world’s oldest wet mummy, has revealed that his violent death was not the only misfortune suffered by the Iceman – he also had terrible teeth. According to a study led by researchers from the University of Zurich’s Centre for Evolutionary Medicine, Oetzi’s gritty diet had wreaked havoc […]

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