Issue 38


Baia, the Underworld

Just west of the entrance to the underworld, lies the site of Baia. Mike Cless takes us there, tells of a divine discovery, then ventures underground


Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy

John Hale is an archaeologist at the University of Kentucky in Louisville with an impressive dossier of field experience at sites both above and below water. He is also a former oarsman, which makes him even better qualified to pen this beautifully written, fluent account of the rise and fall of the Athenian navy. This […]


The Old Ships of the New Gate Yenikapi’nan Eski Gemilerl

I got so excited when I first heard about the finds made at Yenikapı, the ancient harbour to the south of Istanbul’s historic peninsula (now part of mainland Istanbul). In 2004, the Turkish authorities began an important transport project in the area, and once they started digging they immediately found objects of interest. Archaeologists were […]


Les Celtes: De L’âge du Fer

I have a great job: as Reviews Editor at the journal Antiquity, books on subjects ranging from early hominins to today’s car cemeteries pass through my hands. So what do I look for in a book? To my mind three ingredients make a good archaeological book: its subject has to be rooted in the core […]


Rethinking the Human Revolution

I chose this book because it covers one of the most interesting and important periods of human prehistory, the origins and expansion of anatomically modern humans from Africa into the rest of the world. Few topics have responded so readily to the wide range of disciplines that can now focus on one issue and in […]


The Power of Dogû: Ceramic Figures from Ancient Japan

This is the book of the British Museum exhibition – a dazzling, kaleidoscopic view of the clay figurines of the earliest farmers of Jomon Japan. Fascinating essays show how these figurines have shaped modern Japanese culture and particularly its celebrated manga (cartoon) artists. More to the point, with its ravishing photographs of these hand-made, plastic […]


Origins: the Story of the Emergence of Humans and Humanity in Africa

Visitors to Johannesburg can visit, in the grounds of the University of Witwatersrand, the outstanding Origins Centre. In this book the Centre’s Curator, Geoff Blundell, draws together 19 fascinating contributions that deal with our emergence and development in Africa over a seven million year period. What the Origins Centre achieves through video, artefacts and sound, […]


Tutankhamun Uncovered: The Adventure Behind the Curse

This is a novel set in the reign of Tutankhamun, but also about Howard Carter’s work in Egypt, his partnership with Lord Carnarvon and their discovery of the king’s tomb.The author has taken the known facts and woven a very plausible and believable story around them, after considerable and painstaking research. I especially liked the […]


Hidden Histories: Discovering the Heritage of Wales

In 1907 two great Welsh institutions were founded – the National Library and the National Museum. One year later a third was established – The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. It has adapted gracefully and successfully to the rapidly changing circumstances of the last two decades and is therefore with […]

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