Issue 22


New Light on the Black death

New Light on the Black Death: the cosmic connection Mike Baillie, Tempus £17.99    Everyone knows the Black Death of 1348 was caused by fleas carried on rats. Infected fleas would leave the bodies of dead rats and migrate to a convenient human host. Then the human would be infected. Simple. Only the problems with […]


Final Report

Final Report: An Archaeologist Excavated His Past Michael Coe, Thames and Hudson, £18.95  Michael Coe is one of the great figures of American anthropology. He was Professor of Anthropology at Yale and Curator of the Peabody Museum, but his name will be familiar to readers of Current World Archaeology for his writings for a wider […]

My old trowel.

Iraq School

The Iraq school is in many ways in even a worse situation than the EES, as they are more reliant on Academy funding: of their total turnover of £100,000, some £60,000 comes from the British Academy: this is to be reduced to £30,000 for the next two years, and will then be cut completely. The […]


British Academy

The rationale behind the changes We approached the British Academy for an explanation for the changes in funding of institutes and societies. Margot Jackson, Secretary for Overseas Institutes and Societies, sent the following letter: I hope you will find the following helpful in explaining the rationale for some changes in our approach to funding institutes […]

My old trowel.

Egypt Exploration Society

The Egypt Exploration Society (EES) has recently heard that, in two years’ time, it will lose its funding from the British Academy. The EES is one of the oldest British archaeological societies, founded in 1882 and celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2007. Its main premises (Offices, Library and Archive) are in London with a small […]


British School at Athens

Increasingly, the School (its Officers and Council) have to keep a close eye on changes in the ‘research environment’ in the United Kingdom, for the very simple reason that we are largely funded by the Academy, and that the Academy itself is subject to changing winds from Whitehall (in particular the Office of Science and […]

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