Seven Wonders

Catacombs, Paris

7 skeletal sites

What happens to us after we die? Prepare to get shivers down your spine as we look more closely at seven sites that dance closely with death showing the bones and bodies of those that have gone before us.

Queen Yaba's Tiara

7 Fashionable Finds

Throughout history people have been keen to keep up with the latest trends and fashions. These seven finds shine a light on our long history of sartorial innovation.

The Oseberg ship as it looks today

7 ship-shape sites

We’re in a maritime mood today. Read on for seven of our favourite ship-related archaeological sites. Bon Voyage!

The Rosetta Stone

7 revolutionary writings

We often think of archaeology as being all about objects, but written sources are just as fundamental to our understanding of the past.


7 wonders – Editor’s choice

If I was given an open ticket and the time, these are the first 7 destinations – though in no particular order – that I would have circled on my map.