International edible archaeology

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Our friends over at Current Archaeology frequently print pictures of amazing archaeological cakes sent in by their readers, so we were very excited to see this culinary creation with a distinctly international flavour.

Sent in by the proud father of its creator, a professional archaeologist who modestly asked to remain anonymous, the cake depicts the famous ‘death ask of Agamemnon’, a Bronze Age masterpiece found by Heinrich Schliemann, famed excavator of Troy, in one of the burial mounds at Mycenae.

The real mask is currently held by the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, and although Schliemann associated it with the legendary Greek leader after whom it is named, the artefact is now thought to be rather earlier, dated to c.1550–1500 BC.

 If anybody else has made a world archaeology-themed cake we would love to see it!

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  1. Hello, When the ‘Westray Wife’ early neolithic miniature stone carving of female was found on Westray in the Northern Isles of Scotland (the United Kingdom) the local bakery made shortbread Westray wife biscuits. I dont know if they are still made but they were vv tasty and a real and truly local present to bring back for friends and family.

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