Canine couture

Excavators near Leipzig have discovered what appear to be the remnants of an ancient purse encrusted with over 100 dog teeth.


CWA 53 – out now

The latest issue of Current World Archaeology is out now! We have special articles from Turkey, as well as features on Colombia’s ‘Lost City’, the Greek games in 388 BC, and Egyptian rock art – the oldest in North Africa. And of course all the latest news from around the world.


Messages from the past

Archaeologists have found dozens of inscriptions carved by 17th century Dutch sailors on Madagascar, shedding new light on how trading ships communicated their whereabouts when far from home. More than 40 etchings, dating between 1601-1657, were cut into the rocks on Nosy Mangabe Island in the Bay of Antongil. They record the names of Dutch East […]


Fifth arrest over Fitzwilliam Museum thefts

A fifth person has been arrested in connection with the theft of 18 Chinese artefacts from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, police have announced. The 24-year-old man was taken to a Cambridgeshire police station last night (23 May 2012), where he currently remains in custody, after being arrested in Kent on suspicion of burglary.  Two […]


New photos of Vinkovci’s Roman vessels

More pictures of the Roman silver vessels recently discovered in Vinkovci, Croatia, have been sent to CWA by Geoarheo, the commercial unit that excavated the hoard. ‘The location of the silver hoard itself was fortunate as it was found in the few square meters of the entire site that remained untouched by recent construction and infrastructure […]

The unique clay tablet. Image: John MacGinnis

Ancient language discovered

Cambridge University archaeologists have announced the discovery of a previously unknown 2,500-year-old language in Turkey – as reported in CWA 50.


Update: Fitzwilliam Museum stolen artefacts

Can you identify these men? Cambridgeshire Police have released further details of the individuals and vehicle thought to be involved in the theft of 18 Chinese artefacts from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.


Greek archaeologists appeal for help

Greek archaeologists have called a public meeting in London to discuss the challenges faced by heritage services under ongoing austerity measures in their country.


Roman silver vessels found in Croatia

A cache of almost 50 Roman silver vessels has been discovered in Vinkovci, Croatia. With a total weight of over 35kg, the 4th-century collection includes plates, bowls, jugs, cups and spoons, many of them intricately decorated with gold plating and images of animals, plants and people.

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