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CWA readers clearly are a talented bunch: we were overwhelmed by the huge number and high quality of the entries for our first CWA photographic competition. It gave our judge, Adam Stanford of Aerial-Cam, a truly difficult task in picking a winner. From Classical temples to remote Maya ruins, arty shots to scientific documentation, artefacts to romantic vistas, comedy moments, and cheeky animals, all archaeological life was here. The standard of technical ability and variety in style were beyond our expectations.  But we did manage to whittle it down, and Adam made his final decisions. So we are delighted to present the winner and (in no particular order) the runners-up:


Sophie Hay_Italy_Otricoli_Mausoleum in a storm_taken Nov 2012

Winner: Sophie hay
A mausoleum just outside Otricoli, a Roman town 50km north of Rome, Italy, on the via Flaminia.
Photographed: November 2012


AndrewBrown-spindle whorl from Eceler Höyük, Lycia Turkey

Andrew Brown

A decorated Prehistoric ceramic spindle whorl, Eceler Höyük, Turkey (Caltilar Archaeological Project).

Photographed: 29 July 2012.



Gretchen Hall-Rawak-Buddhist-stupa-China

Gretchen Hall

Ruins of Rawak Buddhist stupa, 4th century AD, near Hotan in Xiangjiang, western China.

Photographed: October 2012







Micah Reddy

Classical ruins at Apamea, Syria.

Photographed: 2006




SEDEF SEDEF-Bodrum-castle

Sedef Sedef

Bodrum Castle, Bodrum-Muğla, Turkey.

Photographed: October 2012

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