Issue 55


Book review: The Pharaoh: life at court and on campaign

Garry J Shaw Thames & Hudson, £24.95 ISBN 978-0500051740   Garry Shaw’s guide to ancient Egyptian kingship is beautifully illustrated with colour photographs of sculpture, artefacts – including stunning royal regalia – and details of temples and palaces. From the role’s semi-mythological origins with Menes, the ‘first unifier of Egypt’, to its eventual extinguishing amid Roman conquest, […]


Book review: Entangled: an archaeology of the relationships between humans and things

Ian Hodder Wiley-Blackwell, £19.99 ISBN 978-0470672129   Are artefacts a backdrop to society, props used to reconstruct lost ways of life, or is there a more complex interdependency between people and ‘things’? Ian Hodder believes so, examining how people interact with the objects they create, and how pursuit of the material has fired historic and […]


Re-dating Ice Age art

Do the outlines of hands in Spain’s El Castillo cave belong to Homo sapiens or to their earlier Neanderthal cousins?

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CWA 55

The Diablo Pyramid, in Guatemala, covers an earlier temple whose intricately decorated façade was carefully packed to preserve its huge stucco masks. These great faces of the Maya Sun God in its many guises once glowered across the horizon, painted a deep red and caught by the dying sun would have been visible for miles around. Why did they go to so much trouble? Could it be connected with the discovery of a royal tomb just in front of it? Who is the dead man, surrounded by exotic grave goods and grim sacrificial offerings?

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