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Arycanda is a rich and fascinating ancient city hidden high up in the western mountains of the Antalya province in Southwest Turkey. To get there, serious walkers can follow in the footsteps of the 18th and 19th century explorer-travellers and trace the River Arycandos inland from the coastal town of Finike, then venture into the mountainous interior towards Elmali. From here, you will come to the enchanted Arycandos valley, its lower slopes covered with pretty orange orchards. Climb higher and these orchards give way to fragrant pine forests. Finally, 800m up and a day’s trek later you will reach the elaborate and well-preserved ruins of Arycanda, stunningly set against the wild, natural beauty of the surrounding pine forest. (Alternatively, start your journey at Elmali, take the highway, and it is then a short walk from the nearby village of Arif!)

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