Digging Abroad

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Would you like to dig abroad? If you wish to dig in Britain, you can of course consult the Handbook of Archaeology which we publish free to Current Archaeology subscribers with the Spring issue. However, if you want to dig abroad, you should subscribe to Archaeology Abroad, which publishes two bulletins a year in April and November which contain upward of 1000 opportunities for volunteers, archaeology students, qualified archaeologists and specialists in a wide range of exciting projects world wide. A number of field work awards are available annually to help subscribers with their field work expenses.
Subscription rates are £14 for individuals and should be sent to: Archaeology Abroad (CWA), 31-34
Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY, or visit their website at www.britarch.ac.uk/archabroad

This article is an extract from the full article published in World Archaeology Issue 1. Click here to subscribe

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