CWA Photo of the Year Competition 2017 – Winners Announced

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Winner of CWA Photo Competition 2017 Matija Lukic´ with his winning picture at the CA Awards Ceremony during CA Live! 2017 at Senate House in London.
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Congratulations to all you talented readers of Current World Archaeology who entered the CWA Photo Competition 2017, and who made the job of our judge Adam Stanford of Aerial-cam so especially difficult this year!

We were sent photographs from every continent across the globe, recording expeditions, excavations, and escapades that revealed our rich archaeological heritage, and reflected myriad cultures of ancient societies. With so many subjects captured in so many different photographic styles, it was no mean task whittling down the entries. But, after much deliberation and careful selection, the winner and three runners-up were finally chosen.

We are delighted to announce Matija Lukic´ as the Winner of the CWA Photo Competition 2017 for his picture of a Roman seal-ring, found during excavations at Emona in Slovenia, in the careful hands of a conservator from the City Museum of Ljubljana. Adam chose this image for its simplicity of composition, along with the clear technical skill of the photographer: ‘The photograph is both aesthetically and technically pleasing: the blue of the antique ring stands out against the pale latex glove, while the shallow depth of field and sharp focus draws the eye directly to the subject,’ he explained.

Matija was presented with a framed print of his picture by David McGuinness and Rahul Aggarwal of Travel the Unknown, who sponsored the competition, at the CA Awards ceremony in February. The photo was displayed throughout the two days of CA Live! 2017 at Senate House in London, along with those of our three runners-up: (in alphabetical order) Luis Teira for Shadow hands at Epullán Grande, Cañadón del Tordillo, Neuquén, Argentina, Peter Francis for Rock art at Las Geel, Somaliland, and André Strauss for Excavating Burial 34 at Lapa do Santo, Brazil.

Whether you missed the chance to enter this year, or did so and want to try your luck again, keep an eye out for our announcement of next year’s competition – and remember to take your camera with you wherever you go!

Winning Photographs:

Winner: Matija Lukic´, Conservator of City Museum of Ljubljana holding Roman ring, found during excavations of Emona, Slovenia.


Runner-Up: Luis Teira, Shadow hands at Epullán Grande, Neuquén (Argentina).


Runner-Up: Peter Francis, Rock art at Las Geel, Somaliland.


Runner-Up: Andre Strauss, Excavating Burial 34 at Lapa do Santo, Brazil.

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