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Front cover of CWA 85Hello, everyone! It is wonderful to be here, and I am looking forward to exploring sites and discoveries around the world with you.

First, we travel down the spectacular long and winding Siq that leads to Petra. There, the Nabataeans founded one of the most beautiful, and perhaps also unlikely, cities in the ancient world. What persuaded these nomads to turn their hand to urbanism, and how did they find wealth in the wilderness?

At Monte Bernorio in Spain, the Romans were in the business of acquiring other people’s wealth. They launched a blistering assault on a major population centre and archaeology is allowing us to piece together the events of a forgotten battle.

Franklin’s final expedition has never faded from the public consciousness. Now the discovery of his lost fleet offers more clues about why this high-tech Victorian adventure descended into terror.

Another source of fear – to ancient communities – was the seemingly random nature of illness. Votive body parts reveal how the ancient Greeks sought divine help with healthcare.

Sculpture in Iran shows how great dynasties viewed themselves and the wider world. In the first of a two-part article, we visit grand Achaemenid palaces and see the Sassanians bring Roman emperors to heel.

In Italy, excavation in Tuscany is revealing the surprising story of the forces at work between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance, while an often-overlooked arch at Malborghetto is a reminder of how one man’s vision changed the course of European history.

I would also like to introduce two new sections: ‘Horizon’ will showcase fabulous images of equally fabulous sites, while ‘Spotlight’ focuses in on fascinating objects and sites. I hope you enjoy them both.

Finally, a huge thank you to my predecessor, Caitlin McCall, for generously sharing the secrets of editing CWA.

Matt Symonds


The Nabataeans of Petra Whence they came, whither they went

Rome’s forgotten battle How Emperor Augustus destroyed the oppidum of the Cantabri at Monte Bernorio

Death in the ice Seeking Franklin’s lost fleet

Spotlight: Healing broken bodies Votive body parts in Greek and Roman religion


  • Roman neighbourhood revealed in Vienne
  • New evidence for Zanzibar’s island story
  • Sicily’s oldest vintage
  • Egyptians and Nubians living side by side in Sai
  • Surprising Tartessic ritual uncovered in Spain
  • Prehistoric women on the move
  • Meet Maria
  • Luna’s settlement the largest

Dances with cranes at Göbekli Tepe

Celebrating Colin Renfrew’s 80th birthday

Carved hills of Qatar


IRAN: Andrew Selkirk explores Achaemenid and Sassanian Iran

ITALY: Richard Hodges travels to Maremma

ITALY: David J Breeze investigates the Arch of Malborghetto


Museum of Ligurian Archaeology, Italy

An Archaeological Guide to Nicopolis; Cave Art; Houses of Ill Repute; Roman Frontier Studies 2009; Archaeology

Future funding for British schools abroad

Dating and DNA

Letters, crossword, cartoon

Invisible phases

Bronze bo

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