Pompeii Terracotta-food-(c)-Parco-Archeologico-di-Paestum

Review: Last Supper in Pompeii

The enjoyment of food and drink, the essence of life, was deeply ingrained in Roman society. Beyond mere nutrition, food and wine played vital roles in people’s social lives, business lives, spiritual lives, and afterlives. We have details about Roman dishes from a range of texts, such as Petronius’ Satyricon, with its account of decadent […]


By Jupiter

The Ancient Babylonians could predict the passage of Jupiter through the night sky, which they recorded on cuneiform tablets – more than 14 centuries before such techniques were seen in Europe. The discovery was made by Mathieu Ossendrijver of Humboldt University in Berlin, who studied five cuneiform tablets that date to between 350 and 50 […]