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CWA travels to Mongolia

Anna Faherty goes in search of the wide open spaces and ancient markers of Mongolia’s remote hinterland.


CWA 62

Easter Island’s unique statues are recognisable the world over. Less well known though equally fascinating, however, is a sacred cult that emerged on the island when these great moai were toppled from their platforms and abandoned by the people during a period of conflict and political upheaval. The new social order was centred on a […]

Catacombs, Paris

7 skeletal sites

What happens to us after we die? Prepare to get shivers down your spine as we look more closely at seven sites that dance closely with death showing the bones and bodies of those that have gone before us.


Book Review: Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind

Prehistory: The Making of the Human Mind Colin Renfrew The Folio Society Ltd, £29.95 This beautiful new edition of Professor Renfrew’s Prehistory is a bookshelf essential for anyone interested in the questions and theories behind the cultural evolution of humankind. Here, Renfrew lends his expertise of archaeological theory, genetics, linguistics and radiocarbon dating to the vast […]


A decade of World Archaeology

  Ten years ago, CWA was launched on its maiden voyage of discovery. Here, Editor in Chief Andrew Selkirk flicks back through the pages to reflect on what we have learned on our travels, as well as what the next decade may bring.     So, what has been happening over the past ten years? […]


A Global Perspective

Martin Rundkvist, University of Chester, The term ‘World Archaeology’ is a way to hide a dirty secret of our discipline in plain sight. No one talks of ‘World Chemistry’ or ‘World Geology’ as these subjects work in the same way all over the world, and indeed even on other worlds such as Mars. But archaeology […]


A Tumultuous Decade

Prof Roger Matthews, Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Reading The study of the ancient Near East is inextricably linked with political developments in the modern Middle East. The past ten years have been a disruptive and difficult decade. CWA’s first issue appeared a few months after the US/UK-led invasion of Iraq, with the notorious looting […]


Japan’s Rich Heritage

Simon Kaner, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures One of the biggest stories of the past decade continues to be our enhanced understanding of one of the greatest technological developments of the ancient world: the invention of pottery (CWA 11 & 38). Calibrated AMS dating on carbonised remains on sherds from […]


Archaeology in the Community

Vincent L Michael, Executive Director, Global Heritage Fund Technology is a standard measure of progress but, to me, the most dramatic change in the field is not in the tools we use to learn about the past but the way in which we deploy those resources and turn world treasures into community assets. Ten years ago Jeff […]


Wonders of Egypt

Ancient World Tours  While, within the last ten years, many important historical sites have become off-limits in countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, people still travel to Egypt. Despite the Arab Spring and subsequent turmoil, archaeologists keep working – often in difficult circumstances. A prime example is the excellent work by the Supreme Council […]

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