Issue 51

Book review: Corrugated Iron Buildings

Nick Thomson Shire Books, £6.99 Corrugated iron may not be seen as a glamorous building material today, but it was once so fashionable that Prince Albert commissioned a metal ballroom for Balmoral Castle. In CWA 28 we explored how this lightweight but durable material evolved to meet the demands of the Industrial Revolution, roofing warehouses, […]

Book review: The Gods of Battle

Chris Webber Pen and Sword, £25.00 Claiming descent from Thrax, son of the war god Ares, the Thracians were feared throughout the Classical world and employed as mercenaries by Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Persia. With a territory covering modern Bulgaria, Romania, part of Turkey, and northern Greece, their 40 tribes totalled about a million people. […]

 © National Museum, Copenhagen

Denmark: National Museum

We travel from all over the country to visit a special exhibition at the British Museum in London, or even hop across the Channel to Paris and Brussels. The journey to Copenhagen is not that much more of a stretch, and it is certainly worth the trip to visit the fabulous National Museum of Denmark, […]

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