Alatri, Italy

Richard Hodges visits the monastery of San Sebastiano with Lisa Fentress to investigate its date

City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish

City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish Peter Parsons Weidenfeld and Nicholson, £20.00 While wandering through the gloomy, overstuffed galleries of Cairo’s Egyptian Museum in a bit of a daze, like so many before me, I was startled to come upon a single cabinet of mummy portraits of ancient Egyptians who lived in the four centuries of […]

God’s Gold

God’s Gold Sean Kingsley, John Murray, £25.00 (HB), £9.99 (PB)  In AD 70, the Roman Emperor Titus finally conquered the Jews and carted off a huge treasure from the Temple at Jerusalem back to Rome. There he celebrated a magnificent triumph, melting down much of the treasure and using it as bullion. From the proceeds […]

Caesarea Maritima, Israel

Herod the Great built a magnificent new harbour on the coast of Israel to rival Alexandria. Now computer generated imagery brings the harbour to life

Brochtorff Stone Circle

The Brochtorff Stone Circle at Xaghra on the island of Gozo reveals an amazing underground burial complex


One of the first civilisations to be converted to Christanity: but what was there before Christanity?

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