Winner of CWA Photo of the Year 2016 is Shuo Huang for his picture entitled Waking up with the Moai, Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Click on the images below for a full screen version of the winning picture, and also the three runners up. 

Our annual photographic competition, sponsored this year by Andante Travels, attracted a bumper crop of entries, and the quality of photography was truly exceptional. We were treated to an eclectic range of artistic styles, taking in a dizzying variety of sites from across the globe, and encompassing a dazzling array of cultures, periods, and artefacts. Images included monumental Roman architecture in Tunisia, an exquisite opaque carnelian intaglio from India, bleak standing stones in Brittany; we saw a Roman-era hill-top fortress in Israel, terracotta soldiers in China, and field-survey during a desert sandstorm in Egypt. So, it was considerable with relief that we handed over the unenviable task of choosing a winner to Aerial-Cam’s Adam Stanford, who used his expert judgement to whittle down the contenders. Eventually, we were left with our winner and three runners up, whose pictures were placed on display at the CA Live! 2016 conference in London in February. Congratulations to Shuo Huang for his wonderful photograph Waking with the Moai on Easter Island, and to the runners-up (in alphabetical order) Christoph Baumer (Jiaohe Stupa, China), Dominic Burdon (Palmyra’s Ruins, Syria), and Christoffer Krook (An Abandoned Monastery outside Dilijan, Armenia).

If you would like to see your pictures up on screen and in CWA, look out for dates and details of our 2017 competition which will be announced later in the year on the pages of Current World Archaeology magazine.

Waking up with the Moai by Shuo Huang, Winner of CWA Photo of the Year 2016


Stupa at Jiaohe (4th-6th century AD), China, by Christophe Baumer, runner up CWA Photo of the Year 2016


Palmyra’s Ruins, Syria, by Dominic Burdon, runner up CWA Photo of the Year 2016


An Abandoned Monastery outside Dilijan, Armenia, by Christoffer Krook, runner up CWA Photo of the Year 2016