Crossroads of the Ancient World

In 1978, a year before the Soviets foolishly decided to invade Afghanistan, a team of Russian and Afghan archaeologists were excavating a site called Tillya Tepe – literally ‘Hill of Gold’ – high in the Afghan mountains. The site is actually a tell, into the top of which were dug six different burials: as the […]


Death on the Nile

Ancient Egyptians believed death was survivable. Far from resting in peace, their demise catapulted them into a disorientating netherworld roamed by gods and demons. This marked the beginning of a new and dangerous journey. The ultimate goal was to enter the realm of the gods; but to reach this a spirit needed to negotiate the […]



Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope


Andante Travels Archaeological Award

Would you like £2,000 to spend on an archaeological project? Apply to the Andante Travels Archaeological Award and you could be in the running. Andante Travels, one of the UK’s leading archaeological travel companies, is currently inviting applications from deserving archaeological projects at home and abroad. The only criteria are that entries should help to […]


Three Faces of Monotheism

The latest exhibition at The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, entitled Three Faces of Monotheism, is dedicated to the symbols of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. On display are architectural elements, jewellery, ritual objects and other items ranging from the 3rd to the 13th centuries AD. The exhibition reveals how each religion represented itself to the […]


Motilla del Azuer: A Spanish Broch?

The brochs of Northern and western Scotland form some of the most remarkable and distinctive defensive structures in Europe. Now a similar, though much earlier form of structure has been discovered in Spain at the settlement of Motilla del Azuer (Daimiel, Ciudad Real), located in the central area of the Iberian Peninsula. Artificial mounds known […]

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