Charles higham on: Archiving historic moments in archaeology

Imagine being played a DVD of Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, and Alfred Russell Wallace discussing their views on evolution, or Boucher de Perthes, Dean Buckland, and William Pengelly describing their approach to the early human occupation of Europe. This is, of course, impossible: their inner thoughts are sadly consigned to oblivion, and only the carefully […]


Cairo: Egyptology in crisis

As the Arab Spring flooded through Egypt’s Tahrir Square, the old political order was swept away – and with it went Egyptology’s most controversial exponent, Dr Zahi Hawass. Tom St John Gray followed events earlier this year and now considers the consequences.


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

The lure of chocolate Hi-tech archaeology triumphs again! Now it shows we are not the first societies to be ardent chocoholics. As I reported in an earlier column (CWA 35), two years ago archaeologists working at Chaco Canyon in the Southwest found traces of cacao residue on pots from the ‘great house’ known as Pueblo […]


Brian Fagan digs deeper

Whether it’s making a meal of man’s best friend, sailing the Gulf of Mexico on the Mayan turtle, or assaulting the senses in subterranean ceremonies, Brian Fagan doggedly keeps us up to date.


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

Robots roam at Teotihuacan, Mexico Robots for exploring deep under pyramids are a new fashion in archaeology. One revealed a hidden door and a chamber in the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza in Egypt. Now, Mexico’s National Institute of Archaeology and History has unleashed a locally designed, camera-equipped remote controlled vehicle under the Temple of […]


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

The esoterica of kelp forests Kelp forests are near ubiquitous along the West Coast of North America, as anyone who has sailed or paddled a small boat knows only too well. Kelp grows at an astonishing rate, as much as 0.9m a day, offers rudimentary shelter from ocean swells, and, most important of all, is […]


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

A Maya lord The ancient Maya continue to surprise us, this time with the discovery of a well-preserved tomb under the El Diablo pyramid at El Zotz in Guatemala. Stephen Houston and his research team encountered the grave under a chamber in a small temple in front of the pyramids dedicated to the sun god, […]


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

Freezing on Kodiak My travels sometimes take me to relatively exotic places, like a recent brief stay on Kodiak Island, Alaska, which is a hotbed of archaeological research. Some of the earliest maritime societies in the arctic flourished here 7,500 years ago, not as early as at Anangula out off Umnak Island in the central […]


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

In Brian Fagan’s latest instalment of all things archaeological that are both exotic and illuminating he explores turkey (DNA), considers Maya water, and delves into the dismal world of looting.


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

In Brian Fagan’s latest instalment of all things archaeological that are both exotic and entertaining, he reads a Jamestown tablet, gets spiritual with the Hopewell, and finds gomphotheres with Clovis points.


Digging Deeper

In Brian Fagan’s latest instalment of all things archaeological that are both exotic and entertaining he worships Maya macaws, reveals the oldest evidence for humans in America, and gets dirty with Maya farmers.

Digging Deeper

In Brian Fagan’s latest instalment he fights to the death with the Maya, goes underground with the Fed, and excavates Cecil B DeMile (almost)

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