Andrew Selkirk

Andrew Selkirk 3 weeks ago

The House of Augustus: a historical detective storyT P WisemanPrinceton University Press, £30ISBN 978-0691180076Review by:…

Andrew Selkirk 2 months ago

The modern city of Barcelona, as seen from the forecourt of the National Art Museum…

Andrew Selkirk 11 months ago

On the plain of Pasargadae, Cyrus the Great founded a spectacular garden palace. Nothing like…

Andrew Selkirk 1 year ago

Launching the Palarq Award Such a beautiful horizon! This panorama greets visitors on the terrace…

Andrew Selkirk 3 years ago

The Archaeology of Byzantine Anatolia Edited by Philipp Niewohner Oxford University Press, £94 ISBN 978-0190610463…

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